Paying Site fees (Sellers only)

Sale transaction fee

As a seller, you will receive an email notification when one or more of you products has been bought. When you get this notification, you will be required to

Step 1: After logging in, Go to Members Area


 Step 2: Go to 'My sales'


Step 3: Select “Make sale transaction fee payment” on the item that was just bought. 


Step 4: Select the ‘make payment’ 


Step 5: Select and input all the required payment information that is applicable to you then hit proceed.


Once you have hit proceed, you will be required to make the actual payment to the provided bank account using any of the payment options available example bank to bank transfer or mobile money to bank transfer. 

Step 6: Once your payment has been received and authorized, the transaction status will change from pending to paid the next time you reload this page 


Pending payment awaiting authorization


Authorized payment now carrying the status "Paid"

 Step 7: Once the status has been updated to paid, go to my sales again and there you will find the buyers contact details underneath the Item name or on the invoice which will now be view able. 


You will now be able to contact the buyer and conclude your sale...Eeeezy Peaazy Lemon Squeezy