How to Sell

Step 1: Create an account


After verifying your email address, your account will be activated and you will be able to log in using the user name and password you provided.


Step 2: Sign in and click on ‘sell’ to list your items


Step 3: Create your listing by inputting all the required details


NB: Only upload images of high quality preferably stock images of the products provided by the manufacturer

Once done select next step and continue filling in the required product info


In case you want your product featured on either the home page or on its category page or to be highlighted then you will select the applicable option and will be charged a very small fee

Step 4: Select Payment method

Once all the required fields have been filled, hit next step and select on the payment method you will require buyers to use in order to purchase your item. For security purposes the only payment option available for now is ‘pay on delivery’


Step 6: List your item

 Review all the details you provided for that particular item and if everything is correct then you will select the “list now” option in order to list you item. Be sure to read the terms and conditions ;)


Step 7 (Optional): Make payment in case of special listing

In the event that you require your item to be featured on the home or category page or required it to be highlighted then after selecting ‘list now’, you will be directed to another page where you will be able to pay the applicable charges. 


Select the make payment option

On the following page, select and input all the required payment information that is applicable to you then hit proceed.


Once you hit proceed, you will be required to make the actual payment to the provided bank account using any of the payment options available example bank to bank transfer or mobile money to bank transfer. 


Once your payment has been received and authorized, you item will automatically be listed in the requested page. 

And thats it!! Congratulations! you are now a Natafuta Seller! Yippeeeeeh